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Extensively Developed Software Files on a powerbench

Fuel Saving Technology BV is a Dutch company and the specialist in optimising motor management software for performance enhancement and fuel efficiency of gasoline and diesel vehicles. Developing this software is done on a power bench.

Each software file is manually modified by our team of software developers,extensively balanced on an advanced test bench and tested on the road. This allows us to guarantee qualitative products with the best achievements and the biggest savings.

At Fuel Saving Technology BV we understand that each combination of vehicle and driver has its own needs and expectations. Therefore,the software is tuned to the needs of each customer. During the test bench measuring we can read and log all the most important parameters in realtime. By way of diagnostic equipment the turbo and fuel injection system values are constantly calibrated. With the software,we also take the mechanical and thermal stress of both the engine and the powertrain into account,so that these align perfectly with the original software. During development several measurements take place;we continuously control the fuel mixture,the turbo pressure,the inlet and outlet temperature,the injection quantity and the injection itself. ECOSetting is carefully and extensively tested,making it of excellent quality. ECOSetting hereby guarantees that the lifetime of the engine is not adversely affected.


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